INTERVOKE is a full-service digital education studio specializing in custom interactive app development. We take complex narratives and procedures and create clear and concise immersive educational platforms, patient education software, and MOA/MOD 3D animation videos.

Our studio is located in the center of downtown Denver, Colorado where it provides quick access to the commuter light rail system that leads to other major transportation hubs all over, including the Denver International Airport.

Our experienced experts have perfected the art and science behind building professional grade interactive applications with clear and accurate detail. Our comprehensive Unity mobile app development services allows us to integrate our custom 3D content and build and deploy to 25 industry-leading software platforms. We also have one of the largest in-house triple GPU Redshift render farms in the US. This is critical for rendering for high quality 3D animations quickly.

Our Mission

To provide high quality, scientifically accurate 3D content for training applications and videos to engage people and increase learning retention.

We want to make it easy and affordable to build custom software platforms for educational training using our prebuilt software platform. This can be deployed using desktop, tablets, or tactile virtual reality platforms to create unlimited content.. This system is used as a foundation to integrate any type of custom curriculum using our own proprietary 3D anatomical models.

Our Vision

Intervoke aspires to educate students, doctors, healthcare staffing, and pharma sales representatives using interactive desktop, mobile touch screen applications and immersive VR/AR/WebGL technology for interactive medical applications.

We also specialize in film quality 3D animations From concept to final delivery, Intervoke brings complex concepts to life using the latest industry standard modeling and post production video services, tools and technology.

Our Passion

We are on the bleeding edge of immersive technologies as this plays a major role in how we can educate people. Recent advances in the evolution of healthcare and pharma have shown us new diagnostic tools, more effective medicines, minimally invasive treatment techniques, streamlined artificial heart valves, advances in medical devices and more.

Here at Intervoke, we leverage the newest technologies in the data science and game science design to unlock motivation and drive learning retention.

Intervoke does this by harnessing the entertaining aspects of immersive technologies in game & gamification technology to offer organizations the best in class solutions for all training and engagement needs.