Patient Education, Medical Training, Interactive Training Applications, Medical 3D Modeling & Animations

About Our Studio

INTERVOKE is a digital media company specializing in film quality medical 3D animations and training software. We take medical narratives and procedures and create clear and concise animations and immersive educational platforms to demonstrate specific pharmaceutical drug treatments, medical devices and surgical procedures. We have a large database of scientifically accurate 3D anatomy and physiology, including molecular biology used in a variety of medical animations and interactive applications. We achieve a level of realism that separates us from our competitors, and we have perfected the art and science behind 3D modeling and rendering that builds brands, marketing and educational content for the medical and scientific communities.

Our Capabilities

Intervoke builds scientifically verified 3D models and animation videos for the medical community, developed in conjunction within the medical-legal review process. We create Mechanism of Action (MoA), Mechanism of Disease (MoD), and training videos for pharma, medical device companies, and pain management clinics. Our goal is to help our clients develop patient education videos, surgical training, marketing, and interactive applications used by doctors to demonstrate the use of medical devices, procedures and different disease states.

We specialize in optimized content delivery, which means taking our own high resolution, photorealistic 3D models and working with cutting edge technology to make it easier for doctors to manage patients more efficiently. And, pharmaceutical and medical device companies need to ensure patients understand how to use devices and administer drugs more effectively. 3D animation videos show how new technology works on intricate levels, when details are crucial for drug treatments, surgical techniques and medical device training.

We work closely with pharma, clinics, universities and teaching hospitals providing immersive training solutions for student and patient education. We create custom curriculum software for learning management systems used by medical students and complex teaching platforms for patient education used by doctors to explain medical diagnosis and treatment. Learning management systems, such as Blackboard, are used to track student performance within the online curriculum based content. Whether a physician is learning a new surgical technique or a student is studying anatomy and physiology, our custom applications are built with unlimited chapters and testing to increase learning retention.

And, doctors need to help patients understand their disease and method of treatment. We engineer custom learning platforms to show step-by-step procedures, using our own custom 3D models for patient education. Our intuitive interface design concepts and scientifically accurate 3D models bring awareness and education to patients in need of understanding their disease and treatment, during a time when things need to be easy to understand and presented using the latest technology for education. Our UI/UX designers capture rich insights inside of our interactive platform for immersive applications that have custom touch screen interaction, and rendered for VR or AR.

Intervoke aspires to educate students, doctors, patients, healthcare and pharma professionals using interactive desktop, mobile touch screen applications and immersive VR/AR/WebGL technology for interactive medical applications. We want to make it easy and affordable to build custom software applications for educational training, using our prebuilt software platform.

All applications can be deployed using a desktop, tablet, or tactile virtual reality platform to create unlimited content. This system is used as a foundation to integrate any type of custom curriculum using our own proprietary 3D anatomical models. Intervoke deploys to all VR Platforms, including: Gear VR, Google Cardboard, Google Daydream, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift.


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