Medical Animation


Medical Animation & 3D Anatomy

Custom 3D Medical Animation

Intervoke develops medical animation, custom software, and human 3D anatomy for pharma, medical device companies, universities and clinics. Our goal is to help our clients create marketing, patient education, HCP training, and interactive applications used by providers to demonstrate the use of therapeutics, medical devices, specialized procedures and different disease states. Intervoke presents complex medical science using stunning 3D visuals. We have perfected the art and science behind 3D modeling and rendering that builds brands, marketing and educational content for the medical and scientific communities.

Custom Interactive Animation

BioCloud 3D Interactive Human Anatomy

We specialize in optimized content delivery, which means taking our own high resolution, photorealistic 3D models and working with cutting edge technology to develop MoA/MoD marketing videos for investor relations, medical training, and patient education. 3D animation videos show how new technology works on intricate levels, when details are crucial for drug treatment and surgical techniques.

Interactive custom applications

Intervoke also provides a rich interactive WebGL programming interface to use with our own 3D models for patient education, medical curriculum, and training. It is a perfect solution for producing real-time, interactive, online medical training for universities, medical device companies, pharma, sports medicine and orthopedic centers.

Custom software for tablets, mobile, deskstop

Intervoke’s passion is to engage healthcare professionals, students, and patients with immersive 3D visuals and touchscreen applications that increases learning retention and engages the user. We take complex narratives and procedures and create clear and concise immersive educational software and 3D animations for biotech, pharma, universities, orhtopedic, and medical device companies.