Medical Animation Pricing Transparency


Animation Development & Pricing

When it comes to medical animation, pricing can make or break a project. Whether you’re looking to create a short Method of Action video or an animated surgical procedure, knowing the cost of animation services is essential for budgeting and planning. That’s why Intervoke believes in giving our clients full visibility into all aspects of animation development pricing, so they know exactly what they’re getting for their money. We also take pride in ensuring our rates are competitive without sacrificing quality – because who wants to pay top dollar for low-quality animation? Many factors contribute to the cost, including details, quality and duration, but with us, clients can rest assured they’re receiving high-quality 3D animations within their budget. Intervoke has created readily available products to reduce cost and time for animations and software.

Intervoke Medical Animation Reel

Intervoke Reduces Time, Development and Cost

The medical community is very diverse and we want to give everyone the option to use medical animation for training, marketing, and patient engagement. Whether you’re a small clinic or large pharma, accessibility to high-quality animation can be a priority! Intervoke has a large library of high-quality 3D human anatomy available for custom animation projects. We developed BioCloud 3D online service for this purpose. We can use the models inside of the app to create custom animations displaying disease states, medical devices, and therapeutics at a fraction of the cost! These interactive models and animations can be white-labeled and embedded into websites for marketing, HCP training, and patient education.

BioCloud 3D Anatomy Online Service

Intervoke develops MoA/MoD animations and interactive software applications using our 3D models rendered inside gaming engines, like Unity & Unreal, and WebGL for online services that can be accessed from websites. BioCloud 3D was created to reduce cost & time of development for interactive 3D training and education. We also have a software foundation for easily developing applications inside of our CDS (content delivery system) that allows for multiple chapters used for education and training. We have worked hard to not only ensure our clients high quality animation and software development, but to streamline the process with ease and reduce time and cost.

Intervoke Software Demo Reel

Check Out Our Transparent Pricing!

Our goal is to make medical animation services affordable and timely. We believe in offering transparent pricing with no hidden fees, so you can rest assured that you’re getting the best value for your money. Contact us today to learn more about our medical animation services or check out some of our example work on our website. Lets get started!