BioCloud 3D Anatomy


Interactive 3D Anatomy

Interactive 3D anatomy is an effective tool used to train medical students and healthcare professionals with an online subscription, like BioCloud 3D. Universities, clinics, and hospitals use digital anatomy to train medical students and HCP’s, and this not only enhances learning retention, but offers users the ability to build custom demonstrations and engage patients. Healthcare providers can gain the trust of their patients while using BioCloud 3D anatomy to explain disease states, medical devices and surgical procedures. Users can interact with our 3D models and see full anatomical details labeled with definitions. They can zoom in and move the models around for details, study anatomy and physiology, draw and type onto the models, and record sessions for presentations and patient education!

BioCloud 3D anatomy brain model displaying annotations

Intervoke Developed BioCloud 3D Anatomy

BioCloud 3D was developed by Intervoke to provide our 3D anatomy as an online service for the medical community. We developed this WebGL application in Verge3D, using the direction of medical illustrators, orthopedic surgeons, cardiologists, and neurologists. Over the years, and after many requests from healthcare providers, university leaders, and students, we finally did it! And, this is just the beginning. We will be adding new features, models, and animations quarterly. We are already in talks to provide VR and AR capabilities, group teleconferencing, and advanced tools for developing custom procedures within the app.

Custom Branding and Embedding

The most popular feature that resonates with universities, clinics, and hospitals is the enterprise plan, which allows custom branding and embedding options. Users can upload their custom logos and color themes inside of the platform, and the models can then be embedded onto their websites. The feature is very seamless and easy to use, which is what we love to hear, especially from providers who simply do not have the time to work so hard to use these tools. Easy is always best!

Custom branding demo inside of BioCloud 3D anatomy

BioCloud 3D Reduces the Cost of Custom Medical Animation

Another consideration that was a contributing factor to developing BioCloud 3D anatomy is the cost of custom 3D animations for demonstrating proprietary surgical procedures and medical devices. Many clinics and healthcare providers simply don’t have the budget to develop complex medical animations from scratch. We wanted to build something to solve this problem! Since the models are already available, adding custom animation to the models reduces the cost and time to develop specialized training for HCP’s, students and patient education.

Our Subscription is Available in 3 Affordable Plans

Right now, We have three plans, which includes the individual option, which is popular with students, allowing the user to study anatomy and physiology, draw and type on screen, including the ability to record audio & video sessions for presentations. The enterprise plan, which is for training healthcare professionals and patient education, and offers users the ability to white label and personally brand our 3D anatomy for website marketing and embedding. And, the educator plan which is for large groups, like universities, clinics, and hospitals.

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