Learning Management System Integration

Learning Management System Integration

The core of Intervoke’s internal CDS framework is a software system which allows us to build custom-tailored training packages to meet our client’s curriculum needs. This includes an interactive assessment system to judge your learning comprehension and back-end Learning Management System integration.

This is an online focused learning delivery system that supports a range of uses, acting as a platform for online courses, as well as several hybrid forms, such as blended learning and flipped classrooms. It can also provide you with a final GPA at the end of the course.

Learning statements are sent to a designated LMS or Learning Record Store "LRS" using the Experience API. The Experience API was chosen because it's a new specification that is more flexible than its predecessors like SCORM, and because a majority of LMS providers support it. This allows us to integrate with a wide variety of LMS or LRS without having to re-author statements for each specific system.

Learning technology specifications have been around for a long time, and they serve a good purpose. They ensure that content creators and content consumers can work well together and with ease. The Experience API builds on over a decade of industry-wide experience, relieving many of the biggest drawbacks of previous standards. It’s a simple but powerful specification that many companies and products have adopted already, and it will be the backbone of learning technology for a long time to come.

This Experience API framework can be used in our linear 3D version, (which means interactive and touchscreen), or ported to Virtual Reality, for a completely immersive environment.