Interactive 3D Application

Intervoke now offers our own interactive WebGL 3D application! It is a perfect solution for producing real-time, interactive, online medical training for universities, medical device companies, pharmaceutical research and development. WebGL allows the user to visually see the whole context displayed in real-time while interacting with details simultaneously.

View engaging human anatomy, disease states, and specific medical device techniques in this unique immersive educational experience, using our new interactive platform. Based on your specifications, you can securely design your own content with customized 3D models for patient education, medical curriculum, and training.

Medical Device Training Demo

Intervoke provides our own scientifically verified, high-resolution 3D models inside of the platform. Clients can work independently editing camera angles, annotations, lighting, and voice overs in real-time. Ultimately, the WebGL interface can be embedded onto your web page as a custom interactive animation for cross-platform training.

Utilizing the Sketchfab platform, Intervoke developed an application based upon the WebGL capabilities, combining features to create multiple camera angles, voice-over sound, and back-end metrics. This system can record behavioral and engagement data metrics on how users interact with the WebGL scenes and provide you with an API to access this data. You can use this data to build custom reports or dashboards, make business decisions, or run machine learning algorithms to gain insights.