CDS Framework


Intervoke’s "Content Delivery System" is our patent pending software that allows us to integrate your custom tailored curriculum into our pre-built platform for university education, sales training, or medical instruction. This application is a two mode system, which allows the user to review content in two different ways, “Lecture Mode” and “Interactive Mode”. It is developed so that at any time the user can switch back and forth between Lecture Mode and Interactive Mode to choose the best approach and learn at their own pace.

At Intervoke we pride ourselves on being platform agnostic in our application development. We achieve this through the use of scalable, multi-platform codebases that work on any device. Our current application works as an interactive touch screen application (e.g Smartphone, iPad, Android tablet) or inside a variety of VR / AR headsets (e.g Vive, Oculus, and Meta).

  1. Lecture Mode: An automated lecture mode that guides you through our 3D content using voice over, labels and animations.
  2. Interactive Mode: Pause the lecture and interact with the detailed and realistic 3D models. Select 3D objects to get more information, pickup them up to get a closer look, or interact with them to understand how they work.
  3. Test your Knowledge: This medical training application also includes a testing system to judge your learning comprehension and record testing analytics. These analytics include receiving a GPA at the end of the course, how much time you spent on the course, etc. All of these analytics are available through our Learning Management System integration.



  1. Select the Answer: Text will appear on screen and a voice over will asking you to answer the question by selecting the answer area.
  2. Multiple Choice: 5 Answers will appear on screen and the user will be asked to select the associated answer for the highlighted 3D object.
  3. Drag and Drop: 5 Answers will appear on screen and the user will need to drag the answer on to the highlighted 3D object.
  4. Custom Testing: We will create a custom testing system designed for your purpose.

OUR Login System:

We allow users to register an account with our system so that we can map analytics and learning data to specific individuals and track their progress over time. We're using a Node.js web server to handle login requests and MongoDB to store our user data. Securing our user's data is of the utmost importance which is why we hash and salt passwords using the Sodium crypto library prior to storage.

Learning Management System Integration:

This application also includes an assessment system to judge your learning comprehension with our interactive testing system with a back-end Learning Management System “LMS”. LMS is an online focused learning delivery that supports a range of uses, acting as a platform for online courses, as well as several hybrid forms, such as blended learning and flipped classrooms. It can also provide you with a final GPA at the end of the course.

Learning statements are sent to a designated LMS or Learning Record Store "LRS" using the Experience API. The Experience API was chosen because it's a new specification that is more flexible than its predecessors like SCORM, and because a majority of LMS providers support it. This allows us to integrate with a wide variety of LMS or LRS without having to re-author statements for each specific system.

This framework can be either linear 3D, (which means interactive and touchscreen), or in VR, for an immersive environment. You can either provide us with your medical training content or we can design it for you. We will also help you choose the 3D models for your content “interactivity and lecture modes” and make sure it suits your needs.