Medical Training and Patient Education


Interactive WebGL

Intervoke is working with pain management clinics, pharma and medical device companies developing patient education videos and interactive applications used by providers to demonstrate the use of medical devices, procedures and different disease states. We have been working hard to make it easier for HCPs to manage patients more efficiently. And, pharmaceutical and medical device companies need to ensure patients understand how to use devices and administer drugs more effectively.

Interactive WebGL

We are seeing a demand for patient education in many areas, and we are always looking for new technology to make education easier to understand. Procedures can be difficult to explain to a patient, and they may be hesitant to have them performed because they simply don’t understand the details involved. Having the procedure explained in detail with high quality visuals helps expedite the process and gives the patient reassurance they are making the right decision. Not only can this reassure the patient, but it gives the physician more time to see new patients. While the patient is alone in the room, they can watch a video while the provider is attending other patients. This will increase the amount of patients treated daily while overall increasing revenue.

Teaching patients how to prepare and administer medication

There are many types of tools available for patient education and medical training, and it all depends on how it will be used. WebGL is a real time application used online and can be viewed by patients on any device. The complexity of the training can determine whether it needs to be a detailed interactive training tool used to demonstrate a procedure in order to train new physicians or to show patients how to use a medical device. We can develop interactive applications that can be used on smart tablets, screens, phones and computers. Online WebGL or simple 3D animation videos can be played from an online platform or as a file on your computer or tablet. Intervoke has many options to suit the needs of the client and the end user.