National Geographic Print Piece


Gut Instincts and the Second Brain




National Geographic Print Piece Promo 2020 from INTERVOKE on Vimeo.

Intervoke had the pleasure of working with National Geographic on an amazing print piece for a Special Issue called THE FUTURE OF MEDICINE. This special edition is a wonderful collection of articles pertaining to the mysteries of pain, the microbiome, and the future of health, wellness, and treatment.

We only had a few weeks to put it together, but it turned out great!

The print Piece is part of the section discussing the Microbiome Menagerie and continues on page 100 discussing THE MICROBES WITHIN. Our team here at Intervoke built the 3D models included on the page, GUT INSTINCTS. The 2 page spread displays models of the the Brain, including the Amygdala, Thalamus, and Hypothalamus, the Vagus Nerve, and the Large Intestine, including the Enteric Nervous System, and the many layers of the Mucosa, including the gut lining, cells and microbes.

The article discusses how our bodies host trillions of microbes, a collection of bacteria, fungi, and protozoa that starts developing at birth and is unique to each of us. It is a fascinating read on how communication occurs between the gut and the brain. 

Quote from Monica Serrano/Senior Graphics Editor
National Geographic Partners:

“Thank you so much for the great work you and your team did. I’m highly impressed with the level of detail and the finesse of the illustration. Beautiful work! I look forward to working with you again!”

Everyone at Intervoke appreciates the kind words and looks forward to another project!