Art, Science, Medical Animation and Evolution


If we take a look at some of our most revered scientists, we will find that they had something in common, an artistic ability to visulaize science. A lot of artists have a passion for science, and the two really crossover. It takes imagination and passion to really envision the science behind any field, whether it’s microbiology, biochemistry, or medical animation. Possessing the ability to visualize the unknown is what drives passion.

The father of neuroscience, Dr. Santiago Ramon y Cajal was the first to discover how neurons communicate with each other.

Intervoke works with only the most talented artists in our field of medical animation. Some of our 3D animators have science degrees, and all of the senior medical illustrators we work with hold multiple science & medical degrees, and in addition, our medical consultants are licensed physicians. The world is at our digital fingertips and we have the ability to remotely work with only the best! We have high expectations and we achieve them by not limiting ourselves to “in office” employees. In our industry, it is not a priority to be in office, as we are digital developers, and software can be developed from anywhere.

National Geographic Special Issue/The Future of Medicine, January 2020, pages 100-101, Gut Instincts, by Intervoke, with the guidance of Mesa Schumacher, who holds a science degree from Stanford, and a Masters in Biomedical Illustration from Johns Hopkins, and has over ten years’ working experience in science art.

The pandemic proved to change the industry for many digital studios, and it keeps getting better. Our remote employees are happier and healthier, and communication is better than before, mainly because the lifestyle change has created better practices. The talented artists and developers we work with now are passionate and they produce quality work in less time because they are happier in their environment. The world is our audience, so why should our demographic be limited to a city and county.  

Intervoke is progressive and we are evolving to meet the demands of our clients while nurturing our environment by saying goodbye to outdated practices. If your career involves sitting in front of a computer, and driving in traffic to only sit in an office in front of a computer, while communicating over Slack, it is not only unnecessary, but unhealthy. And, not only is being remote cost effective, it helps prioritize the client in a way that is beneficial to everyone. When everyone is healthy, happy and stress free, this can only have a positive outcome. Cheers!