Intervoke Forensic Animation


Bring Your Evidence to Life

Intervoke forensic animation offers an unrivaled level of detail and clarity, so your evidence will be presented in the most compelling way possible. Let our animation team help make your courtroom cases come to life with engaging 3D animations. With our courtroom animations, rest assured that your jurors will arrive at the right verdict without having to piece together fragmented evidence. We are proud to be your trusted partner and look forward to delivering excellent results every time.

Intervoke Uses the Latest Technology in Animation Development

Our team of experts uses state-of-the-art software and hardware to produce high-quality animations with impeccable accuracy and detail. We keep up-to-date with the latest trends, techniques, and technologies in the industry to ensure that we deliver animations that not only engage viewers but also convey complex information.

Unreal Engine Demonstration

Unreal is a powerful gaming engine we use to create virtual 3D environments based on real-world scenarios using mathematical calculations. By incorporating engineering principles, such as vehicle dynamics, collision mechanics, and material properties, virtual crash scenes can accurately depict real-world behavior of vehicles, objects, and other elements involved in recreating scenes and environments. This also allows us to create very specific phenomena relating to the specific key forensic evidence to create simulations in real-time to see results quickly. This technology can be applied to any type of forensic evidence including accidents, medical malpractice, and crash scenes.

Intervoke Forensic Animation Reel 2023

At Intervoke, we believe that our work speaks for itself. We have had the privilege of working with various clients in the legal industry to deliver outstanding animations that helped win over jurors. Our past projects include recreating car accidents, medical procedures, building construction accidents, and many more. Additionally, we have worked on projects displaying accident reconstruction, and even animation for advertising purposes. Our animations have been used in courtrooms worldwide and were instrumental in winning multiple cases.

If you plan on making your evidence come to life, Intervoke forensic animation is here to help. With our team of experts, we can ensure that your evidence is presented with clarity, detail, and accuracy and engage your viewers, help them understand complex scenarios, and persuade the jury to rule in your favor. Let’s work together and make sure that your cases come to life. Contact us today, and let’s get started!