AVA Awards


Intervoke is proud to be recognized by the AVA Awards, winning in two categories.

The first award is in the Platinum category for INTERACTIVE TECHNOLOGIES and was granted for the “Brain Odyssey” exhibit, which was built for the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium, and is part of the JOURNEY THROUGH THE HUMAN BRAIN. Intervoke worked with specialized neurologists from Kenhub. This was built within the Unity3D platform and programmed as a fully interactive brain exhibit application using C#. It was necessary for the team to utilize advanced procedural programming workflows to make sure complex cellular processes are represented accurately. This also includes 3D digital sculpting and painting all brain assets in Zbrush, and the creation of all animations using Maya for the final export to our custom software application.

The second award is for EDUCATIONAL 3D ANIMATIONS in which we won a Gold award for the Medical Marketing Collection. All of our 3D models are created using the most accurate medical references possible. This includes high quality photographs, illustrative anatomical paintings, and real-life MRI/CT 3D Scans. Also, most importantly, all 3D assets are created with the guided direction and specific consultation from physicians and various medical specialists. All animations are developed inside of Maya and Houdini and explain complex science through high resolution visuals, developed in conjunction within the medical legal review process. Intervoke works closely with pharma and medical device companies and universities to develop Mechanism of Action (MoA) or Mechanism of Disease (MoD) videos. Our goal is to help our clients get their drugs and medical devices approved and pushed out to market faster and facilitate medical training.