Patient Education

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Custom Software Application for Patient Education

Breast Cancer Application Promotion from INTERVOKE on Vimeo.

This is a quick little example of an interactive software application we are developing for a teaching hospital to show the stages of breast cancer and the treatment process. Our engineers and 3D animators worked closely with healthcare providers and technicians to develop touch screen applications that show the whole process from diagnosis to treatment.

Providers need to help patients understand their disease and method of treatment. We engineer custom learning platforms to show step-by-step procedures, using our own custom 3D models for patient education. Our intuitive interface design concepts and scientifically accurate 3D models bring awareness and education to patients in need of understanding their disease and treatment, during a time when things need to be easy to understand and presented using the latest technology for education. Our UI/UX designers capture rich insights inside of our UNITY platform for immersive applications with custom touch screen interaction.