Latest and Greatest

Intervoke has had an eventful first quarter for 2019 to say the least! We have grown by 5 new employees, with one more Unity engineer needed, and sales are through the roof! Our client list is long and growing; so here is a synopsis of quarter one. We have completed interactive web projects for learning management solution companies, medical device training videos, pharmaceutical MOA videos, interactive curriculum applications for universities, AR technology, and interactive exhibits for tech museums, and the list is long for upcoming projects serving the same types of clients. We are seeing an increase in interactive curriculum applications for universities, and the amount of clients coming in tells us that the educational industry is finally accepting the fact that students need education presented on cross platform gaming engines. Immersive education is no longer cutting edge technology, but standard practice among many higher educational institutions. VR is following close behind in medical training and educational applications and its powerful influence on surgical procedures. Our cinematic quality 3D models continue to bring in the best clients vying for custom Unity built platforms and training videos.

Our Unity engineers and animators are some of the best in the US! Yes, the best in the country. Whether they’re working remotely or in house, we only hire top artists and engineers, and it shows. We are global! We are currently working on projects in the medical industry for companies located in New Zealand, Australia, France, Britain, Scandinavia, China, Canada, and here, in Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas. I could be missing a place. Our sales team rocks! Really, they all love what they do. Our entire team, from sales to engineers, 3D artists, medical writers, translators, and medical professionals are all doing what they love. Truly a bunch of science nerds that love to combine interactive science and technology.

Our next step; looking for a new space! We have outgrown this office space and we are in the process of looking for something big enough to accommodate our growing staff. We need room!!! Exciting times, and watching Intervoke evolve and grow into this successful business has been such a wild ride! Can’t wait to see what quarter 2 will unfold.