BioCloud 3D

Coming Soon!
Intervoke's own human 3D anatomy will be available online for medical training and patient education.

This new online based platform allows users to interact with human 3D anatomy in real-time from a web browser on your desktop or mobile device. Users can view a detailed archive of custom built interactive human 3D anatomy for patient education or medical training.

Learn at your own pace, zoom in close, rotate objects around, click on the titles for more information, draw on screen, and record presentations

Clients will also be able to Login to BioCloud 3D website and launch their own personally branded portal and white-label our 3D anatomy for personal use. Then, demo any of the 3D models in real-time and record a screen session of your progress, save it to your computer and use it for multiple purposes; like presentations, patient education and HCP training.

BioCloud 3D can also build custom 3D content that clients can own and upload directly to their own Web domain. Use this beautifully detailed 3D content for demonstrating medical devices, disease states, and drug treatments safely and in real-time.