Our Team

Extraordinary 3D Team & Creative Code Developers

Tyler Woods

Co-Founder / President / Creative Director

Tyler has been a lead 3D multimedia content developer for over 20 years. He has worked with various high profile entertainment companies, like Hasbro and Comedy Central, to Global medical device and pharmaceutical companies, like Bristol Myers Squibb and Medtronic. These responsibilities include managing all creative operations, including creative staff supervision and work production. Most importantly, Tyler has achieved many awards in excellence and superior quality for maintaining strict standards of creative excellence, resolving conflicts, promoting timeliness, driving profitability, and guiding our staff to achieve our clients goals. Tyler is passionate about producing superior quality animation and dedicates his digital talents and expertise in leading his talented team. He believes in the future of interactive virtual and augmented reality and prides himself on using the latest and most cutting edge technology to achieve the most current programming and applications on multiple platforms.