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Extraordinary 3D Team & Creative Code Developers

Christine Clevenstine


Business development and management comes naturally to Christine and she has an abundance of energy and passion when it comes to strategically providing guidance and direction for Intervoke. After 20 years of experience in communications, broadcasting, and multimedia production, she has grown with many different kinds of companies and these experiences have helped her develop many different talents. She is always looking to the future when creating plans designed to achieve objectives, and then distributing resources to implement these goals. She believes in technology and considers herself to not only be progressive in thought, but always evolving and finding new ways to be innovative to direct Intervoke on the best possible path for successful enterprise. Companies need to be cultivated as they grow, and the direction in which they move is organic and ever changing. She has a deep understanding of how to move dynamically with the many facets of business through making daily decisions to drive profitability, manage finances, develop growth and marketing strategies through customer and market definition, and consistently researching and developing new methods to enhance technology.